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EITG has developed a system and methodology relating to the utilisation of forestry as an offset based on accepted forestry models and its own system for the issue, monitoring and auditing of certificates denominated in units of carbon dioxide and related to the absorption of this gas by trees. The company has been involved in a number of afforestation projects, specialising in Pinus Radiata and Eucalyptus. The company's particular emphasis is the development and packaging of the environmental benefits accruing from the forestry activity. The main aspects of the company's activities are:

1. Consultation and advising companies on the potential effects of Government moves to emission or environmental regulations.

2. Developing strategies for companies to meet the potential effects.

3. Developing practical solutions and systems for these companies and organisations, and recently, in the implementation of such systems.

4. Bringing existing 'sinks' into a form that facilitates trade, and / or in preparation for meeting predicted environmental compliance regulations.

5. Providing and implementing systems for new plantations. This is a ground up system for 'carbon forestry'.

6. Implementing distribution and marketing systems and documentation for trading on an OTC, exchange, or financial derivative basis.

7. Training seminars and workshops on the generation of tradable permits, carbon forestry procedures, protocols, and integration with existing practices.

8. Development of Negotiated Greenhouse Agreements 'NGA' with the New Zealand government allowing corporate customers to enter into the proposed regulatory regime with certainty and recognition of their efforts in early action.

The training function is integrated with other activities. It includes detailed analysis of issues, protocols and the mechanism necessary to bring existing forestry into a trading system, and the pitfalls. It is essential that parties involving themselves in this area are aware of the issues and the practical impact the various systems, software, packaging and such can have on the operational, strategic and financial position of the company.

Benefits to forest growers entering into our systems include:

- in rotation cashflow, paid regularly during the growth cycle via participation in a carbon pool of similar forest interests, created to optimise returns while managing the issues of risk, harvest and measurement uncertainties

- international alliances to offer both environmental rights and whole logs

- positioning of ones activities for future regulatory regimes

- participation in developments in this area including lobbying and use of systems and methodologies created by EITG

Since its inception in 1995, EITG has developed international expertise in this area with strategic partners in the USA, Europe, South Africa and Australia. EITG members have presented papers on carbon sequestration and tradable permits internationally.

Currently EITG represents several hundred thousand hectares of forests and is closely involved with governments and regulatory bodies developing a workable scheme for trading offsets.

The organisation is currently expanding into certifying and trading other GHG notably methane using its existing structures and relationships.

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