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Post 1990 :: Registered Carbon Certifiers and Measurement of Forest Carbon

Currently increase in carbon stocks of a forest is measured by using a simple look up table from MAF. These tables have the potential to significantly under report the carbon actually removed from the atmosphere. By late 2010 a measurement approach based on the 300 index and cchange will likely be introduced as an option. Any extra carbon gained from measurement will be accrued from 2008.

To gain credits your forest will need to be measured regularly. At least once in 2008-2012. However we recommend to optimise income this measurement is completed annually.

To achieve certification Carbon Verifiers will be members of the NZIF. It is likely that they will already be managing your forest and providing inventory assessment by sample plots and cruising protocols already.

Such certifiers are required to maintain independence and impartiality. As such EITG will use a range of existing NZIF members where it has existing relationships to act as certifiers. Where practical this will be your existing forest manager.

Early in the legislative process the Government suggested your existing forest manager cannot be a carbon certifier and offer carbon pooling facilities as this creates unacceptable risk in the market. This was shelved with the look up process and leaving liabilities with land owners. We believe as measurement becomes and option the Government will separate those measuring carbon and the sellers due to an unacceptable risk for purchasers of credits