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The NZETS provides a mechanism for trading of credits.

This site differentiates two categories

1. The NZETS mechanism for trading of credits. This includes all categories of credits allowed to be acquired, generated, or otherwise obtained. This includes forestry credits, CDM projects, the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative, and grand parented credits allocated to industry by the government.

2. Forestry Credits. Forestry has specific rules and mechanisms peculiar to New Zealand and is discussed separately.

Forestry is divided into two categories;

- Pre 1990 forestry. Forestry in this category pre dates the benchmark date of the original Climate Change convention (UNFCCC) and is treated differently. This forestry does have credits attached. Credits cannot be 'generated' from this forestry even for growth post 1 January 1990. Credits are grand parented to the owners of the forest in a one-off and limited manner.

- Post 1989. More accurately this is forest from 1 January 1990. It is this forestry that can generate credits by the growing of trees which can be traded under the NZETS.

For details on the issues use the sub-menu links under Pre and Post 1990 forestry  in the menu list.