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Climate change through Global Warming whether scientifically proven or not represents an unquestionable threat to our children and our children's children. World-wide corporations continue to recognise the threat to humanity from Global Warming.


The world's response to Climate Change is the Kyoto Protocol. The protocol aims to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and suggests emissions' trading as the preferred method of implementing these reductions. The reductions are relatively small in the overall picture, some 8%, as it is suggested the actual reductions need to be much larger, in the order of 60% to reverse current trends. This leads to the question "are the current reduction targets worthwhile?" We at EITG say the answer is "yes".

Why? Because trading is seen to create a price for polluting therefore sending a strong signal to the market place. This signal will act as the catalyst to change people's behaviour and justify the development of technology that will resolve the problem of Global Warming permanently.

The role of EITG is to develop robust emissions credits, initially based on forest carbon sequestration, and to assist in establishing an emissions trading market. To achieve this EITG will assemble the best minds in these areas to work as a consortium and meet this challenge.

The EITG consortium will build credits and establish an end to end model for the certification and sale of forest-based carbon offsets. In the absence of market guidelines, these credits will set a standard of robustness, credibility and low risk that offer tangible solutions to those faced with the spectre of emissions reduction targets. Such credits will provide a friendly face to emissions limits in contrast to the current uncertainties.

We will facilitate trade and provide liquidity in the initial marketplace by working with the other participants. We also intend to share information and encourage the development and maintenance of robust, quality emission credits in multiple market places. We will do this in the most efficient manner possible adding to our consortium as we grow.

We will improve the education and understanding of the participants, not only the emitters, but also the person in the street. We will do so by producing common sense interpretation of the issues in a fashion readily understandable by all people. EITG will also foster strong relationships with our clients and customers to engender belief in our vision.Our scope will extend globally as needed.

As EITG grows as an organisation we intend to continuously apply our intellectual capital in the ongoing improvement of design and the development of new options in the fight