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Richard Hayes - Director

Richard has a BSc in Physics and Computer Science and qualifications at Masters level in Physics and Electrical Engineering. He has been involved in technology and computer software development since the early 1980s through his various holdings in software and technology companies. Significant achievements in this area have been winning the 1989 KPMG Peat Marwick Business Planning Award and later in 1993 winning the Price Waterhouse Business Success Award, highly commended for his company's telecommunication software products. After selling his main software business in 1994 he has developed a number of interests in forestry, other software companies, property development and investment as well as a number of technology ventures in the USA. With significant business experience in Australia, Asia and the Pacific Rim, Richard founded Environmental Intermediaries & Trading Group Limited in 1995 in recognition of the potential for the role of sequestration of carbon by forests and the UNFCCC conventions.


Terry Quilty - Director

LLM (hons) BCom LLB. Barrister & Solicitor of the High Court. Terry currently combines the dual roles of an academic and business advisor. He holds Bachelors degrees in Economics and Law , a first class Masters degree in law and teaches commercial and financial law on commerce degrees and business subjects within an MBA. Recent academic work includes presentation of conference papers in Australia, the United States and Canada, and co-authoring a law text. His commercial background includes management and legal positions in both public and private companies involving the raft of legal and commercial issues arising for a large exporter, and subsequently in the tourism service sector. Over the last 10 years he has been involved with business evaluating new opportunities, developing business strategies and providing general advice as a consultant and more recently as a director. Terry also holds interests in a variety of commercial activities as a principal including carbon composite manufacturing.

Simon Baillieu - Director African Operations

Born in the UK, Simon has been based in South Africa for 35 years. Experienced in the chemical industry both in import and export Simon is an seasoned international trader. He has considerable commercial experience both in the corporate world and well as within his own investments in trading and manufacturing. His past experience includes the role of Director in a public company listed on the Hong Kong exchange. Simon heads Nkuni Holdings, the EITG joint venture partner based in Johannesburg South Africa. Simon’s experience in forestry stems from his integration downstream into saw milling and forestry of his furniture manufacturing concerns. As a large scale exporter in the forestry sector Simon brings extensive expertise in mining, manufacturing and forestry in the African continent to EITG.





Royden Shotter – Authorised Financial Adviser

Royden is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFPcm) practitioner.  As a Financial Consultant he works primarily in two roles, conducting analysis for individuals and businesses, and portfolio management of assets and investments. Depending on the mandate financial analysis typically involves data construction techniques which can be used for trouble-shooting, sensitivity analysis, problem solving or simply to reach a given result that would otherwise be too difficult to determine.  The results are then often used in strategic planning or project development.  Royden’s role at EITG is to provide specialised advice to clients on the NZETS and forestry. He is separately retained by each client for this purpose. His interest in forestry was established early on, growing up in a rural environment, on his parent’s horticultural block.