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The Clean Development Mechanism or CDM of the Kyoto Protocol allows developed countries to sponsor projects in developing countries that would not otherwise go ahead (so called business as usual) and receive credits called Certified Emissions Reductions or CER from these projects representing the emissions avoided.

CER are admitted to all the main emissions trading schemes including the EUETS and NZETS.

Project Development

EITG can assist with all levels of CDM project development including

CDM Project Cycle

- General advice

- Feasibility Studies

- Financial and Additionality analysis

- Peer Review

PDD Writing

EITG and its team have extensive PDD writing experience for the UNFCCC CDM Executive Board. Assessments and proposals can be prepared on a case by case basis

CDM Project Approvals

EITG provides complete end to end approvals process working with

- Host Country DNA for approval

- CDM EB for notification of projects

- DOE and CDM EB for project approvals

Joint Ventures

EITG has become increasingly active as a project participant in recent years sharing in the development and benefits of the project including managing the on going flow of CER units

- Mine Methane Projects

- Biomass Power Stations

- Biofuels

- Hydro Electricity

- Reforestation

- Biogas